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About the Neighbourhood Forum

The Sydenham Hill Ridge Neighbourhood Forum, SHRNF, is a community-led organisation which is working to keep the Ridge area an attractive and vibrant place to live whilst ensuring the conservation of  the woodland and open green spaces which make the Ridge distinctive.
The Localisation Act (2011) provided a legal framework for local communities to have greater influence on planning matters in their own areas. SHRNF started the “Designation stage” in the second half of 2018, and Lewisham and Southwark Councils “designated” the Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area in February 2020.  SHRNF is now working on a Neighbourhood Plan to influence future developments.
If you live in, work in, or volunteer in the plan area, Sydenham Hill Ridge Neighbourhood Area,  you are entitled to be a member of the Forum. Please join us; Get Involved.

Links to future activities

 The Ridge and 

Wells Park from

Ormanton Road 

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