About Us:

We are residents and businesses of Sydenham Hill Ridge and aim to produce together with our neighbours a Neighbourhood Plan which will be put to a public referendum within the next 24 months. We want the local community to have a stronger say in planning matters on Sydenham Hill Ridge.
Here is our agreed Constitution;
Below are the names of the current Committee; and our Funding Sources.
SHRNF documents and minutes of meetings 
are stored on GoogleDrive  under the title SHRiNC,
Sydenham Hill Ridge Neighbourhood Committee,
which you can access here >>>
SHRNF Committee and Working Group pool
Monica Fletcher, (Convenor), Lewisham
Claire Dixon, Lewisham
Mo Bounechada, Southwark
David Begley, Southwark
Barry Kidson, Southwark, (Treasurer)
Stephen Weil, Southwark (Secretary)
Working Group pool:
David Begley, Southwark
Ed Blamey, Southwark
Mo Bounechada, Southwark
Monica Fletcher, Lewisham
Helen Glass, Lewisham
Hannah Kauffman, Lewisham
Barry Kidson, Southwark
Jan Morrison, Southwark
Brian Sweeney, Southwark
Professional adviser:
Angela Koch, ImaginePlaces
Funding Sources:
SHRNF has received grants from Locality of £1,950 in 2018/19; £1,380 in 2019/20; and £7,488 in 2020/21, of which £1,032 has been spent to date (November 2020).
Locality is the national membership network which supports community organisations to be strong and successful.
URL: locality.org.uk
Twitter: @Localitynews
FB: @localityUK
Locality is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England no. 2787912 and registered charity number 1036460, and in turn receives funding from Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, known as MHCLG.

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