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  1.     Sydenham Hill Ridge Neighbourhood Plan Update, and Volunteers sought

  2.     Looking to contact new social groups formed as a response to COVID

  3.     Three separate consultations regarding Crystal Palace Park


Neighbourhood Plan Update / Volunteers sought to distribute flyers

We have organised ourselves into working groups, and are close to having a survey to send out to Residents, Businesses and Volunteers in the Area in the next couple of weeks.

We want as many residents and businesses as possible to get involved by responding to the Survey, when it is ready, which will include questions such as: 

  •       What do you like about living / working on Sydenham Hill Ridge and what are the things you would like to see protected?

  •       What are the challenges and the things you would like to see improved?

The Neighbourhood Plan will build on the views of the community, so your input is important.

We are also looking for volunteers to help distribute Flyers to every single home out of the approx. 2,300 homes in the Neighbourhood Area.   The Flyers are intended to inform especially those not on the mailing list about the Neighbourhood Forum, the Neighbourhood Area, and the Survey.   


It is very important that the Flyers are distributed to every home in the Area, because there are many Residents who do not know what is going on in this Area and, as a result, are in danger of being disenfranchised.  

Presently, we expect the distribution of flyers to take place from the first week of November. 



Contact sought with new social groups created as a response to COVID, and with Residents / Businesses who keep active social media accounts

We are aware that new informal social support groups, communicating mainly but not exclusively online, have been formed to help Neighbours help each other in these extraordinary times.  


We would like to get in contact with such groups:  would anyone who is in such a group please let us know their email, so that we can make a specific request to connect?


We are also keen to get in contact with anyone in our Area who keeps an active social media account which discusses local matters.   



Update with Crystal Palace Park: 3 separate consultations

We wrote in April about the Crystal Palace Park Trust which plans to take over the running of the Crystal Palace Park from the London Borough of Bromley.


Proposals have been further developed separately by Bromley and the Trust, and there are currently at least three consultations on-going or about to start regarding Crystal Palace Park:


Crystal Palace Park Consultation #1

Bromley Council is currently consulting on Outline Planning Permission for a £40 million Regeneration Plan that aims “to preserve and restore the park's heritage, improve the park for everyone's enjoyment and create a sustainable future”.


While the Forum has encouraged wider knowledge of Bromley’s Proposals, we were, as a Committee, initially reluctant to get involved in commenting on the Proposals, as the Park lies outside our Neighbourhood Area, and there is much work for us to do in connection with our Neighbourhood Plan.


Our passivity as a Committee on the subject of Rockhills was challenged by some of you at our AGM in July.


As we have subsequently examined more closely the proposals for 140 new homes in Rockhills, which partly occupies the site of the existing caravan park, our concern about the specific Proposals put forward by Bromley and the Project architects for Rockhills has grown. The layout of the proposed Rockhills development will impact our Neighbourhood, especially the south western segment, very significantly.


We are intending to submit Objections to Rockhills development as proposed, along the lines of the attached draft, in time for the closing date for comments on 29 October 2020.


We would like to know what you feel about the specific plans for Rockhills, and to know whether our concerns are widely shared. 


It is not difficult to go to look at the site, from the entrance to the Caravan Park; if you look at the attached plan, you will see that the proposed development stretches along the main road to the large house beside the Westwood Gate entrance to the Park.



Crystal Palace Park Consultations #2 and #3

There are two consultations either on-going or about to start about 2 separate series of public events proposed for Crystal Palace Park:

(1) two mass event (50,000 participants/day) Festival weekends in July, proposed by CPPT and Festival Republic, for 2021-23, to take place on the Upper Terraces stretching broadly from the Bus Terminus to TV Mast at Crystal Palace Roundabout; and

(3) 4 week South Facing Festivals in May 2021 and August 2022 - August 2025 proposed by Proud Events.  These will be smaller events, to take place in the Crystal Palace Bowl, involving between 500 and at most 10,000 people.


The Forum encourages Residents and Businesses to comment if you have views one way or another.


Our impression, from our observations during discussions with the Chair of the Trust and, separately, with one of the senior Management Team of Proud Events, is that the sponsors/ promoters of the separate consultations are "serious” individuals, who live locally and want to try to take into account local opinion.


Getting involved 

If you would like to be involved with the Committee and/or the Working Group (s) of SHRNF, and in writing the Neighbourhood Plan, please email us.


This email is being sent to everyone on our Mailing List, and we ask Resident Associations and Civic Societies to circulate please to their own mailing lists.   If you know a Neighbour or a friend who may not have received this email, and who lives, works or volunteers in the Area, please do forward the email to them.  


This is an open invitation to everyone in the Area, however they receive this communication, and whether or not they have been involved previously in the campaign to establish the Forum.


If you are uncertain whether you live in work or volunteer in the Neighbourhood Area, the plan of the Neighbourhood Area is shown in the attachment


Best wishes,


Monica (Fletcher)/Stephen(Weil)





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