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Update on Mais House Campaign: FoMH message + consquent SHRNF letter to Lewisham Council, circulated to all members, January 2023
Update on Mais House Campaign, FoMH leaflet circulated to all members, July 2022
Quick update, November 2021:
  • Liaison ongoing with Sydenham Hill Estate (Southwark side) reps to establish council intentions re building on the estate; despite council documents indicating no building is intended on SHE, Southwark council has been consulting residents re demolition for building purposes of garages (scrapped following residents’ opposition) and of bungalows; meeting to be sought with Cllr Simmons;

  • SHRNF objected to planning application on 42 Peckarmans Wood seeking to double the house’s footprint (3-storey extension); application/precedent risks compromising integrity of original architectural, social, and landscape values of the estate; applicant offered no intention to analyse/assess impact of development on acute hydrography issues affecting the woods below;


  • Beltwood site, Sydenham Hill: SHNRF considering objection to a retrospective application by developer attempting to rectify original planning permission approved on inaccurate plans; also considering objection to same developer’s application for further felling of mature trees on this site (part of the ancient Great North Wood); SHRNF attempting to check claim trees are diseased; a number of mature trees on this site have already been destroyed;


  • Hesper House (Wells Park Road, opp. the park) development proposal: SHNRF made representations at a Lewisham Council planning meeting to review an extended application by the developer to increase height and footprint of a previously approved application for a block on the site of a single house; SHRNF has submitted further questions to Council re drainage issues;


  • SHRNF continues to support the Friends of Mais House in their struggle against Corporation of London’s over-scaled and inappropriate development proposals; despite a successful judicial review (ruling Lewisham had acted illegally & urging Council & applicant to work with the community re a more acceptable proposal), Lewisham Planners rushed through the self-same application which LBL again approved; following further legal advice, a second claim for judicial review has now been submitted and awaits a judicial decision re proceeding to a hearing;


  • The Cedars, 34 Sydenham Hill: despite SHRNF’s and other local objections to this over-densifying development of a locally-listed building (+ loss of green space and two very mature trees), Lewisham has approved coach house demolition/conversion into 11 flats and building of 8 2-bed alms houses;

JULY 2021

Re: 81 Sydenham Hill: on 1 July 2021 the SHRNF Committee submitted the attached objection to the application to vary original planning permission.  Southwark has yet to come to a decision on the retrospective planning application by the developer.


For information on the history of and latest developments in the City of London planning applications for Mais House, Sydenham Hill), please go to the NEWS page: NEWS | Sydenham Hill Ridge.
Re 28A Sydenham Hill (Highfield House): on 9 June 2021 SHRNF lodged an objection to this planning application on the basis that both local infrastructure (especially medical care) and on-site management (9am-5pm on weekdays only was proposed) was inadequate for a group of homeless persons.  The application was refused.
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