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Mais House
Residents are investigating mounting a legal challenge to the decision in November to approve a development of 110 housing units on the site of Mais House and the Otto Close garages on Sydenham Hill.  A pre-action protocol letter was sent to Lewisham Council this week. 
Residents on the Ridge (through Friends of Mais House) are raising money towards ongoing legal costs through a Crowd Justice page here:
Time is very tight and they are looking to raise their target by 30th December to enable them to move on to the next step.
I quote the residents’ statement: 
“The community living on Sydenham Hill Ridge welcomes the development of the City of London Sydenham Hill Estate for social housing. We believe in building good quality, environmentally friendly social housing that will last well into the future.
However, the huge increase in density sets to impact the quality of the housing built, the historic environment, the conservation area, the local infrastructure and the natural environment, reducing the much needed green communal space, felling mature trees and impacting the ancient woodland opposite, visited by people across London.”
The Mais House proposals attracted strong local opposition.  We tried as SNRHF to reflect the concerns we heard locally in our comments on the application.  The serious step of a judicial review can only point to the degree of ongoing disappointment with the outcome.  I know how much effort and energy the local residents put into trying to articulate the likely impact of the proposals and would like to thank them for trying to voice and stand up for the features of the local natural and built environment that so many of us value and benefit from.  



Save the Oaks Campaign
We received this morning the following message from Save the Oaks Campaign
“…we have submitted a formal complaint to Southwark Council over the conduct of the assessment of our alternative design proposal and the meeting held on 22nd September to discuss it.  A copy of the complaint is attached.  We have been told that we should receive a first stage response from Highways by 6th January 2021.  I am sharing this with you because as local stake holders I believe you are also affected by these issues.  We were assured that a full assessment of our design would take place, and that there would be a meeting of local stake holders where it could be discussed, and neither of these was adequately fulfilled.  We believe that the assessment was only partial and that there was a conflict of interest in using the same consultant who had already got the contract for the agreed work.  We also think that the meeting was flawed in that it did not allow discussion of the main issues of contention, and that the Council only published responses it had received from the Campaign so that the views of other stake holders and members of the public were not adequately represented.
As I'm sure you are aware, Highways has submitted a new planning application to fell the oak trees "due to damage and obstruction to bridge repair" - 20/AP/3632 - with the consultation period open until 10th January.  We will be objecting to the application on the following grounds:
· No evidence has been provided that the tree roots have caused damage to the bridge.
· The trees are only an obstruction to the current repair design.  There are alternative ways of repairing the bridge which do not require their removal and which would have a lower impact on the nature reserve altogether.
· The value of the trees in terms of amenity (CAVAT value £242,000), biodiversity, carbon capture and sequestration, air purification etc has not been taken into account.
· The effect of the removal of the trees on the stability of the slope has not been properly assessed, and is likely to cause further problems with the bridge.
· Taking into account the above two issues, the removal of the trees would not be the best use of public money to achieve the long term repair of the bridge that the Council says it wants.
Best wishes..” 
The formal complaint by the Save the Oaks campaign against the Highways Department can be seen here:-
Lewisham Draft Local Plan
The draft Lewisham Local Plan is available with the Agenda for the Council Committee meeting on Wednesday 25th November. 




The minutes of the meeting are not yet available but we understand the document was approved for consultation and are looking out for information about the consultation timetable.
The new Lewisham local plan will be very significant for the future of our neighbourhood area. 
We intend to be discussing it in the new year. 


SHRNF Engagement Events and Survey coming in the New Year


A reminder to watch out for our engagement events to be held online in January.   Dates will be published very soon, with our Flyer to be distributed to every home across the Neighbourhood Area in the first two weeks of January. 
The Flyer will also tell you about a Survey, and how to access it,  giving the opportunity for residents, businesses and volunteers in our Area to let us know what you like about living on Sydenham Hill Ridge; what are the things you would like to see protected; and what are the challenges and the things you would like to see improved? 
We want as many as residents, businesses and volunteers as possible to get involved and let us know what you think.
The online engagement events and the Survey are a significant step for us in establishing your priorities for our neighbourhood plan, and I hope as many of you as possible will be able to join us. 
Finally I hope you enjoy the winter break.
Monica Fletcher
Sydenham Hill Ridge Neighbourhood Forum

New Headlines Thursday 17th December 2020

SHRNF mailing of 4 December, under title " Mailing of 4th December 2020 to SHRNF mailing list 
27 Longton Avenue: Planning Inspector's decision to refuse Developer's appeal
2 Sydenham Hill Planning Inspector's decision to Refuse Developers appeal
SHRNF response to the Cedars Planning Application
6th December 2020

New planning application for the Footbridge Oaks

Southwark Council has submitted a renewal planning application, 20/AP/3537 for removal of the Footbridge Oaks, after the existing approval expired last week.
SHRNF will be preparing and circulating a draft response.
Here is a link to the Application:
2nd December 2020


Festival Republic’s mass events at Crystal Palace Park in 2021-2023 approved by Bromley


These are two mass events (up to 45,000 participants/day expected) with Festival weekends in July, proposed by CPPT and Festival Republic, for 2021-23, to take place on the Upper Terraces of Crystal Palace Park. Bromley Council has today published the formal Decision Notice to approve the licence request. 
The expected dates of Festival Republic’s events in 2021 are two concurrent three-day weekend events, 9th; 10th; 11 July and 16th; 17th and 18th July. 
Here is the link to the Bromley Notice:

4 week “South Facing” Festivals in May 2021 and August 2022 - August 2025, proposed by Proud Events 
There is a separate application to Bromley for a licence by Proud Events for smaller events, to take place in the Crystal Palace Bowl, involving between 500 and at most 10,000 people.
The Licence Application will be considered by Bromley shortly.
Here is the link to the Application:
23rd November 2020

Mais House - Permission for Development letter received

Further to the earlier decision by Lewisham Planning Committee (see item on 2 September 2020 above), Lewisham has issued a Permission for Development Letter for demolition of existing buildings at Mais House and Otto Close garages, SE26, and redevelopment to provide a part four, six and seven storey building and a part two and three storey terrace building providing a total of 110 new residential units, community room and estate office.
See the following link:

SHRNF opposed the Planning Application which has been granted by Lewisham Planning.

Our last set of objections can be accessed through the following link:

21st November 2020

Cox's Walk Footbridge Oaks

BBC Local News carried an excellent item about the “Save the Cox’s Walk Footbridge Oaks” campaign, including Southwark’s response.
14th November 2020

The Cedars - Planning Consultation announced

Lewisham Planning Committee has announced a planning consultation for The Cedars, Sydenham Hill
See the following link for the Lewisham announcement
Closing date for comments is 7 December 2020
SHRNF is preparing a response.    If you wish to be involved with the response, please email us at
 4th November 2020

Hesper House Planning Application approved

Lewisham planning committee approved plan, despite objections from Neighbours and SHRNF


29th October 2020

Crystal Palace Park (CPP) Master Plan Consultation closes.

SHRNF submits concerns regarding Rockhills development as proposed.


29th October 2020

Government’s Planning White Paper

SHRNF submitted initial response to consultation.


18th October 2020

Latest mailing to SHRNF mailing list


2nd September 2020

Mais House application approved

Lewisham planning committee approved application, despite objections from Neighbours and SHRNF


July 2020

Astra Palace planning application refused

2 Sydenham Hill is Astra Palace

SHRNF mailing Thursday 24th December 2020 to SHRNF Mailing list

Update from friends of Mais House
30th December 2020


Update from Friends of Mais House


Further to the mailings to the SHRNF mailing list on 18th and 24th December on the subject of Mais House, we have received yesterday an updated message from Friends of Mais House:
“Dear Friends,
We have made it to our initial target of £7,000! Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, underwrote and supported the cause. 
This money will now be sent directly to our lawyers, Harrison Grant. We have instructed the lawyers to review Lewisham’s response and file the case in court -  if that is the recommendation following the review. We are still waiting for Lewisham’s response, which is due tomorrow. We will keep you updated on the case.
If you log onto the site, you will see it has automatically moved onto the stretch target of £12,000. If the judge gives permission for the case to be heard, and our legal team advise us, we can take the case all the way through the court. We can potentially use the stretch target funds for this. Again, we will keep you updated. 
Once again, thank you so much for all your support, for justice and the environment.
May I take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the new year.
Best wishes,

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